New Headshots by Popio Stumpf

June 3, 2016

 Taking new headshots can be a lot of work. How do I want my haircut to look (subtext: "for the next couple years")? What clothes do I want to wear, that I am comfortable in, that will pop (but not too much)? And of course the most important question, who do I want my photographer to be?
After taking recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues in Chicago, Chris Popio's name frequently arose as one of the best headshot photographers in the city. I met with Chris a few months ago in his studio space, and was immediately at ease with him. As an actor himself, Chris knows how to loosen you up and draw out the life that casting directors and agents are looking for in actors and talent.
During our session we rocked out to Postmodern Jukebox, had some laughs, talked about Chicago and my fiance and who knows what else. We took a lot of photos. A LOT OF PHOTOS.
Chris then had the fun job of taking out the crazy ones, but still left me with some gems... I love these goofs so much:


And of course these: 


I'm still trying to choose my favorites; every time I click through them I find a new one I love. Here's one:

 So if you're looking to take new headshots, I highly recommend Chris Popio. Here's his website!


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