Today's Inspiration: Molly Brennan

February 24, 2015



“It’s about seizing your glory and going for what you believe in." -Molly Brennan

"'You just show up with what you got,' she figures. 'But if you decide you’re not going to try, that’s on you—you can sit there and be like, it’s totally unrealistic. Yeah, it’s totally unrealistic to be a working actor. It’s totally unrealistic to do half the shit I do.'"

"She has played characters young and old, male and female, classic and modern, dramatic and comedic."


“'But it’s theatre! Anybody can do anything! It’s made up!' she’d plead. 'We’re all in this agreement that we’re going to sit in chairs and pretend that what’s happening is happening in real time—there’s no reason to be so constrained.'

Teachers also told her to grow her hair out, to keep it a natural color and to not get any more tattoos. What she found was that ignoring all their advice led to her success."

"'My goal since high school has been to look forward to what I’m doing every day—that’s my goal. And if I’m working 40 hours a week at a job I hate to achieve owning a house, that’s actually just not a thing I want.'”


This woman is so incredibly inspirational. I'm going to dive headfirst into Chicago's theatre scene this fall, no holds barred. Establishing a career in a new city is going to be terrifying and at times intimidating, but it's my passion and I have to show them what I've got. “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” ― George E. Woodberry


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